Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hawksmoor, Seven Dials Covent Garden

Steak steak steak, I love steak, steak is great. So when myself and Mr P met our friends Mr G and Miss F, we decided to give Hawksmoor a try. I had read that it was meant to serve one of the best steaks in London and that kind of claim needs to be put to the test.

So first things first. When we got there the feel of the place was warm and welcoming with an interior of brick, dark wood and metal kinda thing. It felt like a restaurant that was accessible and not snooty.

The staff were friendly but not overbearing, although a minor gripe was that we waited a little while to order. However, we were not in any hurry so it did not really matter too much.
Drinks first and we asked for a jug of tap water, which in some places can still feel a tad uncomfortable but they happily brought us one, and refilled during the meal without even asking, which was nice. We then ordered a bottle of the House White Le Lesc Blanc between three of us and Mr P got a Meantime Lager. The wine menu certainly had some pricey wines on there, the cheapest being £18 for a bottle that I could see.

We decided to go straight for the main course and after a little deliberation, Mr P and Mr G shared a T-Bone steak with Stilton Hollandaise, Miss F ordered a D-Rump with Peppercorn Gravy, and I ordered a Rib-eye with Bone Marrow Gravy, which is my favourite cut. I was a little tempted to share a Porterhouse but the only ones left were large and thus pricey. For the sides, we shared creamed spinach, roast field mushrooms, macaroni and cheese, beef dripping chips and triple cooked chips.

Again, there was a little wait while our stomachs grumbled but nothing too terrible that it ruined our night.
Once the food came, oh good lordy lord. My steak looked amazing as did everyone else's. The sides were not too big but just enough to sit nicely against what was the main show. The Rib Eye was so perfectly cooked it cut through with ease. Cooked medium rare it was so succulent and juicy, it was the cliche of melt in your mouth, and the Bone Marrow Gravy, well that was a revelation. As Mr G put it, it was the essence of beef. It was the first time I had ever tried bone marrow gravy and it was truly awesome.
Of the sides, although they were nice, I did not think they were as good as they possible should have been. The triple cooked chips were a bit drab and not as special as I was expecting, and the spinach could have done with a touch more seasoning. A couple of special mentions though. The mushrooms were perfectly strong on flavour and seasoned well, and the Tomato Sauce had a great depth to it that I do not find with the everyday tomato sauce. It gave a beautiful accompaniment to the lack luster chips.

Once all that steak was done with there was a little more room for desserts and I got the Eton Mess. I did not want anything too heavy and this was light, with the right amount of sweetness cut through with the cream. It was the best Eton mess I have ever had.

Mr P had a sticky toffee pudding sundae, which had the pudding running through it and at the bottom a warm sauce which he enjoyed.

Miss F had the Salted and Chocolate Caramel Tart which if I recall she enjoyed, but thought it was a bit odd with the contrasting salty sweet.

Mr G went for chocolate truffles with a glass of port. I cannot recall which Port but I had a cheeky sip and can inform you it was jolly nice. Mr G said the truffles were an intense hit of chocolate of which there were three, but just the right amount.

Overall we had a great meal and the steaks were just what you would want from them. Hawksmoor is not where you go for a cheap night out but if you can splash out for a treat, I would certainly recommend it. Main courses/desserts and alcohol for four people came to £220.

Value for money:7