Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meat Liquor, London

Right then, I know I am probably way behind on the hype of this restaurant but I still wanted to give my two cents on it. We had wanted to go for a while but were put off with the whole no reservation thing, and we are not the biggest fans of queuing. However, we had a week off and decided to go for a late lunch to avoid the busy time, and well, it was great.
I have heard many people say that the food is awesome but the staff are somewhat rude. Now, it is possibly because there were only a handful of customers in there but we found the staff to be polite and helpful. We waited a little bit of time between our burgers and dessert but that is the only thing I can pick at, if I have to.
So the place in itself certainly has a feel of harshness. There is graffiti artwork all over with what I assume is meant to be splattered blood, accompanied with dark lighting. Certainly not relaxing to look at. I think this is the kind of place you get in america, Dive Bars, with informal service and ruddy cracking grub and booze.
In all honesty the decor isnt to my taste but it does add to the atmosphere they are trying to create so I cannot fault it on that.

The food. We started by sharing buffalo wings and deep fried pickles with a blue cheese dip, which were presented on a tray a la american style. OH.MY.GOD. AWESOME. I have never eaten chicken wings like this before. The sauce had a zingy spice that was cooled by the dip. They were just so succulent and tangy and hit everywhere in flavour. Then the deep fried pickles were immense. I love pickles and the batter gave them a complimentary crunch. Not at all greasy and a lovely, not overpowering vinegar taste went well with the dip. Going there for the wings and pickles alone is enough of a reason in my book.

Now for the main event. The burger of all burgers that I had been waiting for and well, it was nice. But was it the best I have ever had? No. I had a cheeseburger and Mr P had the dead hippie. My burger had american cheese and some thickly cut pickles which I love, plus a sprinkling of onion. The burger was succulent and tasty. I just felt like it was not as full of flavour as everyone seems to have made out. The bun on the bottom was also a little over toasted for my liking which is not a big deal but I prefer it softer. Mr P's dead hippie consisted of two patties, sauce, pickles, cheese and onions. He found his burger smokey, juicy and enjoyed it a lot. Good as they were, we both seemed to agree that we have had a better burger at Byrons.

The fries I cannot fault. Perfect little french fries seasoned well. Nice.

Dessert. I did not think we would have room but, well, when in Rome, stuff your face I say. I had the crack pie with flor di latte ice cream and Mr P the pecan pie with woodford reserve ice cream. My word. I have never tried a crack pie and it was moist, luscious and flipping great. The ice cream made a delicate accompaniment and am so glad I managed to fit it in. It is layers of oatmeal cookies which are then squashed down into a pie case. (I am sure there is more to it but that is roughly what the waitress said). She was very enthusiastic about it and explained how she had watched the chef make it. Mr P's pecan pie, not too sweet and the pastry was crisp. I tried some of the ice cream and wow, what a hit of whisky!

So, all in all a great place. Don't go expecting any knives and forks, this is finger food at its best. You are given a whole kitchen roll on the table as it gets a tad messy but this just adds to the fun. We did of course get a spoon for out desserts though!
Would I go again? Yes, for those unbelievable buffalo wings and pickles, yes yes yes. But I would do the same and go off peak.
The price came to £44 including a tip. That was for two drinks, two starters, two mains, and two desserts. Pretty damn good value for the quality and quantity of food we got. Give it a try!

Value for money:10


mousemouse said...

Oh my goodness M, this sounds like my ideal restaurant- DEEP FRIED PICKLES :DDDDDDDDD and it sounds really quirky even if the burgers aren't at the Byron level of deliciousness. Thanks for reviewing it :o)

Mrs P said...

T'was a delight. :)