Monday, February 27, 2012

Strawberry Marshmallows

I am not a big fan of marshmallows to be honest, but I was interested in how they are made so here is my attempt which went rather well, which is nice. They came out delicate in flavour and texture, and they really taste much better than the shop bought ones.

If you have trouble finding where to buy the corn syrup as I did, amazon sells it. This recipe takes a couple of days.


500g of strawberries or 140ml strawberry puree
125ml water (first batch)
160ml water (second batch)
260ml light corn syrup
500g caster sugar
80g icing sugar
80g corn four
4 packets of gelatin


Food thermometer
9x13 inch rectangular pan. 2.5inches deepish, does not need to be exact.
Baking parchment
Electric whisk or ideally a standalone mixer

Righto, first if you do not have strawberry puree already, make it. Cut up the strawberries into small pieces and put in a pan over a medium heat, for 8-10 minutes till it is all squishy. Using the back of a spoon pour through a sieve to get all the bits out. Then leave to cool.

Next job prepare the baking pan by lining it with the baking parchment. If you have it, spray the paper with non stick cooking spray. I did not but taking the parchment off later was not too difficult, just requires patience.

Now, pour the first batch of water, 125ml in with the strawberry puree and sprinkle the gelatin over. Give it a little mix till combined and leave to the side while the next step is done.

Pour the corn syrup, second batch of water, 160ml and sugar in a large pan over a medium heat to allow the sugar to dissolve. This should only take a couple of minute if that. Give it a quick stir, put your thermometer in and turn the heat up a bit. The temperature needs to get to 240°F or 116°C and do not stir the mixture while it is getting to this heat or it will crystalise. If you find it is bubbling too much turn it down a little bit, or if you find it is taking too long turn the heat up a little.

When it hits the temperature take it off the heat straight away, but be very careful the syrup shall be boiling! My pan does not have a spout so to make things easier I poured the syrup into a jug. Switch the electric mixer on low and start pouring the sugar syrup into the bowl slowly. Once all the syrup is in gradually turn the mixer so it is on fast for about 10 minutes. When the mixture turns glossy and thick pour it into your baking pan. If like myself you do not have a stand alone mixer, do be extra careful when pouring the syrup in with one hand and mixing with the other.

(slight blurry pic)

Now leave it at room temperature overnight. You can cover with kitchen foil but be careful so it is not touching the marshmallow, otherwise it shall stick.

The next day, sieve your corn flour and icing sugar together and sprinkle liberally on a large piece of parchment paper. Also sprinkle over the top of the marshmallow and then turn it upside down onto the surface.

Now for the jolly task of carrrreeeeefuuuulllllllyyyyy peeling the parchment paper off. I used a sharp knife to help guide it. Once done, sprinkle more of the icing sugar mix on top and onto a sharp knife. Cut up into squares and I found a swift sea saw action was far better than sawing.

Roll your cubes in the icing sugar mix again and pop into a container. Use partchment between layers or they may stick.

Eat within 2-3 days. If left longer you may need to dust them in the icing sugar again so they are not sticky.

Mr P was delighted with these and ended up melting some on digestive biscuits as a sugary treat.

I found the recipe on tinternet at